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Spanish Assessment

cpp_logoWe now have access to an online assessment in Spanish through our online assessment center ( The initial screens are still in English, so some may need help. 

Here are the instructions for an applicant:

1. Create a new Planter account at: 

2. Choose:  “Christian and Missionary Alliance” as the AGENCY. (They must do this for the Spanish link to appear).

3.  A new button will appear on:, which says, “Take ISA in Spanish.”

4. When planters click on “Take ISA in Spanish” they will be taken to the same instruction page in Spanish at: 

5. Planter begins the ISA by clicking on “Inicio” and then progress through 5 screens and 85 questions all in Spanish. 

6. At the bottom of the final screen of the ISA click on “Calcular” to get the results.

7. The planter will be taken to the Planter Profile screen, which is again in English. The ISA report screen and PDF are also in English. 

8. The emails sent to the planter are also unchanged, they will all be sent in English.