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Cross-Pollinate to Bear More Fruit!

A Region is a partnership between neighboring Districts and Associations of the C&MA working cooperatively to be more effective in church planting. By strategizing, collaborating, sharing resources, and combining some training, we are more effective and we bless churches in other denominations as well.

A Region is a cooperative effort between Districts and yet runs their own planting under the direction of their DS and CP Director. Each District retains direct oversight of whatever aspects of the planting pathway they choose. At the same time, Districts may choose to partner with other Districts on certain aspects of their pathway (assessment, for example).

Think of the country as a Field. Each of our Districts and Associations are unique, strong and productive trees in various locations. Each District is well suited to its’ environment, has many branches (churches) and bears fruit (changed lives). We value the unique nature of our Districts!

At the same time, trees are more productive when they cross-pollinate. This is the goal of our Regions. Helping each other we are even more productive by sharing resources and supporting each other in our church planting efforts. Together we can bear more fruit!

Please contact our regional directors and districts listed below.

Northeast Church Planting RegionAlan Rathbun

Southeast Church Planting RegionEddie DeJesus

Central Church Planting RegionTodd Sovine

West Church Planting RegionDavid Reynolds