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A biological greenhouse provides a healthy, protective, nutritional environment for plants to grow and thrive. A seed isn’t simply thrown into the soil right away. Instead, a seed is nurtured and grown into a healthy “start” within the Greenhouse.

This is also true of the “Greenhouse Church.” Greenhouse Churches or Environments grow healthy plants. They provide a nurturing environment for a “seed” (a leader-in-the-making) to develop and become a “start” (a prepared leader and team) that is transplanted into the mission field.

Denominations can help, but they’re more like the gardeners who can water and provide resources. But the church is the Greenhouse, the place where it all must happen! Without the local church, there may be addition, but there is no multiplication. Reproducing churches, or Greenhouse Churches, need at least these qualities: (1) Willingness to “give itself away.” (2) A leadership development pathway (3) Faith-Filled Risk Taking to release leaders READ MORE

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