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Assessment, Coaching, Training, Support (ACTS)


We provide assessment opportunities because we have a passion to see church planters succeed. Assessment is an invaluable and objective tool for discovering whether you are uniquely wired and called to be lead pastor of a church plant and for exploring what other tools, training and team members you might need to be sustainably successful in church planting.  It is a proven process for exploring and answering the church planting questions. Here’s two first steps:

FREE Initial Screening Assessment  Assess your readiness in the areas of: Church Planting Experience, Entrepreneurial Leadership, Ministry Experience, Relational Evangelism

Full Planter Profile $99   Get the Initial Assessment plus: Golden Personality Profile, Portrait Predictor, Spiritual Gifts, Plus integration of StrengthsFinder results



coachphotoStudies show that people in all walks of life—business, sports and ministry—are more successful if they have a coach. A study of over 600 church plants found planters with a coach reached twice as many for Christ as those without one. Every C&MA Church Planter connects regularly with an experienced coach. A godly and experienced coach provides that seasoned wisdom, objective perspective and the Barnabas factor—the ability to encourage and draw out the best in a planter.



Throughout the year, C&MA provides many opportunities for training. Whether it’s a “bootcamp”, conference, workshop, or forum, you’ll find strength for the journey here.

IMG_8737“Preparing to Plant” Training for Church Planters and Teams  is a church planting “bootcamp”, 3-4 heavily packed days of learning, thinking and preparing for effective church planting. It’s designed to prepare those interested in church planting and is a great opportunity for planting teams to be exposed to strategic training.  We immerse the church planter, and hopefully some of their team, into a learning lab environment. Foundational church planting topics are briefly addressed and an abundance of time is devoted to contextual development. Planters’ strategies are then reworked through the interaction of veteran planters, coaches, and other peers. This Bootcamp is NOT lecture driven, but INTERACTION DRIVEN. It’s not geared towards a particular philosophy of planting but towards the practical nuts and bolts that apply to almost any planting philosophy.



We encourage and support all our regions to organize support events and structures to help put “wind in your sails”. (see Support Events for links) We’re always on the hunt for new ways to encourage and support planters. Some of our support opportunities include:

  • FORUMS—We plan our Forums to be that supportive link where you can gather with other planters who “get it” and find encouragement. We want you to connect and know there are others on this journey with you. Our speakers are enthusiastic about training and encouraging planters.
  • RESOURCES—We’re always looking for resources to help you on the planting journey. Whether its resource giveaways at our Forums, information on our website, content on Facebook or links on our blog, we love connecting you with helps and tools. church planter resources
  • PRAYER—We want to pray for you and hold you up. Have a prayer need? Let us know. Want group prayer? Join us at a Forum and let others pray for you.
  • FINANCIAL—We know church planters work on tight budgets. We get it.  That’s why our meals are free at our Forums. Almost all our resources are too.