Helping Churches Plant Church-Planting Churches

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helping churches plant church-planting churches

We are a partnership between like-minded groups, neighboring Christian & Missionary Alliance (C&MA) churches, districts, and associations. 

Together we coordinate regionallystrategizing, collaborating, and sharing resources and training opportunities.

Across the country, we “cross-pollinate” as we coordinate our efforts to help churches plant church-planting churches. Join us!

Why Plant Another Church?

10 Ways to Become a Greenhouse Church

Choose one or more ways for your church to become a Greenhouse

1. Pray intentionally for a planting couple and their team. 

Prayer is the primary work of God’s people. You and your church can partner in this vital way by encouraging a new plant through prayer. Would your church consider “adopting” a local church planter and pray regularly and intentionally for that leader’s church?

2. Invite a planter to share their vision with your board and church. 

Who are the planters in your vicinity? Consider this option as a great way to encourage church planters and cast vision to your people in the process.

3. Pick a planting couple and financially support them. 

Salaries are rarely stable in church planting. Sacrificial and generous giving from churches and individuals, up and above our regular offerings, is an amazing gesture of Christian unity.

4. Pick a church plant and give them a one-time gift. 

A new church always has equipment needs such as office supplies, sound, A/V, children’s ministry equipment. Call or email a church planter and ask about current needs, and then see what needs your church might be able to meet.

5. Send a planting couple out to dinner or on an overnight retreat as an encouragement. 

Planting is difficult and lonely work. The simple act of a gift like this can really encourage a planting couple. Plus, you never know what kind of friendship you might be able to build with a planter through a kind and generous gesture like this.

6. Encourage your congregation to hold a “baby church shower” for a plant.

Give them gifts for their startup (office supplies, a/v equipment, etc.). Planters can put together a “registry” of items they need, if this is something your church would like to do.

7. Plan to put church planting as a line item into your next budget.

Where your treasure is, there your heart will be. One of the best ways to encourage church planting is to talk about it in your church, share inspiring stories, and start budgeting for it.

8. Partner with other churches in your area in planting a church. 

Our dream is that it will soon be normal, and even expected, for churches to collaborate together for the purpose of planting more churches.

9. Send team members from your church to participate in a church plant. 

God owns everything and we are managers. Please consider sending the leaders God has called from your church to plant a new work.

10. Develop and deploy a planter and team from your church to start a new work.

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